With the stabilization of established sources of funding and the emergence of new ones, the Latvia’s film industry is booming. A vital role in these processes is played by co-production opportunities.

Even though this is only third years in which the National Film Centre has been implementing the special minority co-production scheme, Latvia has already accumulated vast experience in the production of both majority and minority co-productions. Latvia has been a member of Eurimage since 2002 and has received support for the production of a total of 16 full-length films.

Support for minority co-produced film projects can be obtained via the National Film Centre competition, which takes place once a year in May. The annual budget is: EUR 300,000.

In recent years, a special accent has been placed on Baltic (Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian) film co-productions, emphasising the unity of the Baltic states, as well as the comparability and development parallels of their respective film industries.

To qualify for support, a project must meet one of the following criteria:
1) It must comply with the terms and conditions for a Latvian film,
2) The planned financial investment from the Latvian side will be not less than 20% in the case of bilateral co-production and 10% in the case of a multilateral co-production,
3) Which correspond to Latvian cultural criteria.

Major Co-Productions in Recent Years:

Wonderful Losers. A Different World., 2018, full-length documentary, VFS Films (LV), Studio Nominum (LT), Stefilm (IT), Associate Directors (BE), DOKMobile (CH), Planeta Korda Pictures (IE) 

Breathing into Marble, 2018, full-length feature film, Mistrus Media (LV), Just a moment (LT), Aning Film (HR) 

Chronicles of Melanie, 2016, full-length feature film, Mistrus Media (LV), 8Heads Productions (CZ), Inland Film Company (FI)
Black Nights Film Festival

Dawn, 2015, full-length feature film (Hargla Company (LV), Staron-Film/Miracle Worker (PL), Digitaalne Sputnik (EE)
Black Nights Film Festival

Liberation Day, 2016, documentary film (VFS Films (LV), Norsk Fjernsyn (NO)

Close Relations, 2016, documentary film (Vertov Studio/Ego Media (LV), Saxonia Entertainment (DE), Baltic Film Production (EE), 435 Films (UA)
DOK Leipzig
Karlovy Vary IFF

Golden Horse, 2014, full-length animation film (Rija Films (LV),
Paul Thiltges Distributions (LU), Vilanima Studios (LT), Copenhagen Bombay (DK)
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