With the stabilization of established sources of funding and the emergence of new ones, the Latvia’s film industry is booming. A vital role in these processes is played by co-production opportunities.

Even though this is only third years in which the National Film Centre has been implementing the special minority co-production scheme, Latvia has already accumulated vast experience in the production of both majority and minority co-productions. Latvia has been a member of Eurimage since 2002 and has received support for the production of a total of 16 full-length films.

Support for minority co-produced film projects can be obtained via the National Film Centre competition, which takes place once a year in May. The annual budget is: EUR 300,000.

In recent years, a special accent has been placed on Baltic (Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian) film co-productions, emphasising the unity of the Baltic states, as well as the comparability and development parallels of their respective film industries.

To qualify for support, a project must meet one of the following criteria:
1) It must comply with the terms and conditions for a Latvian film,
2) The planned financial investment from the Latvian side will be not less than 20% in the case of bilateral co-production and 10% in the case of a multilateral co-production,
3) Which correspond to Latvian cultural criteria.

Major Co-Productions in Recent Years:

Wonderful Losers. A Different World., 2018, full-length documentary, VFS Films (LV), Studio Nominum (LT), Stefilm (IT), Associate Directors (BE), DOKMobile (CH), Planeta Korda Pictures (IE) 
The Lithuanian entry for the Oscar run 2019

Breathing into Marble, 2018, full-length feature film, Mistrus Media (LV), Just a moment (LT), Aning Film (HR) 

Chronicles of Melanie, 2016, full-length feature film, Mistrus Media (LV), 8Heads Productions (CZ), Inland Film Company (FI)
Black Nights Film Festival

Dawn, 2015, full-length feature film (Hargla Company (LV), Staron-Film/Miracle Worker (PL), Digitaalne Sputnik (EE)
Black Nights Film Festival

Liberation Day, 2016, documentary film (VFS Films (LV), Norsk Fjernsyn (NO)

Close Relations, 2016, documentary film (Vertov Studio/Ego Media (LV), Saxonia Entertainment (DE), Baltic Film Production (EE), 435 Films (UA)
DOK Leipzig
Karlovy Vary IFF

Golden Horse, 2014, full-length animation film (Rija Films (LV),
Paul Thiltges Distributions (LU), Vilanima Studios (LT), Copenhagen Bombay (DK)
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