film equipment rental
Arkogints is renting cameras since 2002 and today we have grown to be the largest Camera Rental Company in Baltic states.
Our inventory include 35mm and 16mm Arriflex cameras, ARRI ALEXA, RED MysteriumX, Canon5Ds. We also provide wide range of lenses starting from Zeiss HS to Arri Zeiss Ultra Primes, Masterprimes, Vantage Leitz Macros and Cookes.

Gints Bērziņš
+ 371 29235197


film equipment rental
Whether you are about to shoot a complex feature film, a commercial or a music video, we’ll help you find the best solutions, as well as supply all of the necessary equipment for your production. In order to meet even the most specific needs of our clients, BBrental has a strong chain of partner companies in the Baltics, Scandinavia, Germany and U.K. We provide Color Correction services for digital film, and the most advanced digital data storage as well.

Roberts Vinovskis
+371 29298667

SDG Lighting

film equipment rental

SDG Ltd., established in 2006, provides lighting service for film, commercials and TV in second generation. With more than 1,000 rental units, company regularly participates in various project filming, and to date has provided over 100 projects and 30 full-length films with full lighting service, ranging from lighters, lights, generators, and transportation.

+371 20174144


film equipment rental
VFS FILMS have over 20 years of experience in Latvia and Europe, creating creative audio-visual content. Therefore, we continually upgrade our equipment and offer full-service audio-visual services, with and without qualified creative personnel. Our range of services testify to our professionalism and experience:

- state-of-the-art documentary cinema and TV filming equipment;
- world-class set sound recording equipment;
- four independent licensed Avid/Adobe editing systems;
- two specially adapted colour correction spaces with calibrated broadcast class reference monitors;
- acoustically projected and specially-built surround sound mixing studio;
- historical video format digitalization system;
- LTO-7 long-term data archiving system.

Contact information:
Emils Linga
+ 371 67503588
+ 371 22351925
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